• Cable length: 135 m
  • Transmitting signals: Ethernet 100 Base-T + RS232
  • Cable winding speed: up to 47 km/h
  • Cable winding tension: up to 8 kgf
  • Peak power consumption: 2,6/3,7 kW
  • Mains voltage: 220 V
  • Cable weight: 0,025 kg/m
  • Winch weight: 50 kg
  • Weight of the additional unit on the drone/system: up to 1,2 kg
  • Transportation dimensions: 640x656x450 mm
  • Transport case with equipment + reserve power-optical cable + external power supply
Delivery Method
Custom Solutions

Delivery Method

Delivery cost is calculated individually after placing an order.

Custom Solutions

On request, LiveLine can be customized and redesigned in accordance with the customer's technical requirements: increasing the transmitted power for heavy duty drones, adapting to a specific drone/cablecam models, operating voltage of the system, etc.
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